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The Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd. is governed by a Board of Directors, that is composed of a Chairman, Corporate Secretary, Director of Business Development and Managing Director.

The Board of Directors is governed by the Companies Act 1995 and bye laws relating to the transaction and conduct of its business affairs. Its role is to ensure that all legal requirements are satisfied and policies and quality assured procedures are in place for meeting local, regional and international teaching and learning methodologies.

PIMBS Ltd. Vision is “To offer affordable education and training courses to its membership ensuring that all activities are applicable to the local and international work environment.”

PIMBS Ltd. Mission is “To provide the highest quality of Marketing, Business and Environmental training to members of the Institute by ensuring that the training is relevant, up to date and accepted locally and internationally.”

The Board of Directors formulate and monitor policies and the implementation of some of the operations of the organization. 

To contact any member of the Board please write to

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors must:

  •  must provide leadership and direction on Strategic Management matters.  This is to be done in a fair and transparent manner

  • Meet every six (6) months, which includes the Annual General Meeting

  • Formulate and monitor policies and implementation of the same in the operation of the organization

  • At all times, exhibit an ethical stance and independence in judgements while at the same time ensure compliance with all relevant laws

  • Vote by secret ballot or show of hands

  • Appoint a Managing Director and appraise the Managing Director’s performance


The role and responsibilities of the Chairman include:

  • Chair the Annual General Meetings

  • Manage meetings

  • Provision of guidance and direction to the Board Members and Sub-committees

  • Excellent communication with members

  • Defining policies requiring approval by the Board

Business Development Director

The Business Development Director is in charge of business expansion.  The portfolio of the Business Development Director is to find new business to develop the core competencies of the Institute. 
The Business Development Director is expected to develop a balanced portfolio for the company. 

The Values of the Board of Directors of PIMBS Ltd. are:

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Ethical behaviour

  • Fairness

  • Justice

  • Continuous improvement

Managing Director

The Managing Director is responsible for managing the daily functions of the Institute.  The Managing Director must achieve performance targets and present a report to the Board of Directors at every Annual General Meeting.  The Managing Director is responsible for conveying the Mission and the Vision of PIMBS Ltd., develop policies, review management systems and manage corrective actions when necessary. 

Education Director

The Education Director is in charge of the programmes that are taught and must ensure that the process of teaching and learning follows sound technical practices.

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