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The Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies operates as both a Tertiary school and a High School. In 2004 the High school was twined with Our Lady of Fatima (RC) Primary School by Monsignor Esau Joseph, thereby gaining the name Our Lady of Fatima High School. The entire institute is Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Religious Education

Here at Our Lady of Fatima High School, Religious Education is of course an integral part of our curriculum. Religious Education classes are held every week where everyone attends, not just our Catholic students. Counselling is also provided for the students through the visits by Father Warner (previously Father Rodriguez before his passing) who also offers Confession to our Catholic students and staff. The Religious Education classes throughout the term have the reputation of really leaving its mark on students’ attitudes and behaviour.

Easter Retreat

Every year an Easter Retreat has been conducted at the school. The retreat begins on Holy Thursday, with the washing of the feet at Our Lady of Fatima RC in Curepe. On Good Friday, the group walks up to Mount St. Benedict with crowds of the faithful, while re-enacting the Stations of the Cross and upon reaching the Mount, they participate in morning prayers with the monks. At 3 pm the group returns to Our Lady of Fatima RC for prayers and to venerate the cross. On Saturday, the boys and girls split up and have special lecturers who come in to discuss with them topics of interest to their age. On Saturday night, the group returns to church for the Easter Vigil. The retreat ends mid-day Sunday with a lavish meal. Throughout the retreat there are various lessons to be learnt, spiritual encounters, prayer sessions and bible reading.

Left: Fr. Neil Rodriguez speaks to the students during one of the weekly Religious Instruction classes.

Right: Sr. Lucy photographed with one of our students of the Muslim faith during one of our Religious Education sessions.

Sr. Lucy and Fr. Rodriguez passed away in 2006  and 2013 respectively, they are both dearly missed.

Masses are held at Our Lady of Fatima (RC) Church in Curepe and Priests from there are available for Confession


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