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There are a number of online libraries and databases available 24/7 that students can browse and obtain information at their convenience.

The following books and publications listed under #1 - #22 are available at

1. The Online Books Page

Free Books on the Online Books Page
The University of Pennsylvania's Online Books Page is a great place to read free online books. There are more than 30,000 English language works available. All of them are nicely formatted and can be read right on your computer.

3. Questia

Free Books at Questia
Questia is best known as a resource for writers and students, but the site also hosts a library featuring more than 5,000 free books that may be read online. Offerings include rare books as well as classics

5. Internet Public Library

Free Books in the Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library is a goodplace to access newspapers, magazines and reference works. Nearly 100 links that will take site visitors to websites offering free online books. Links are updated regularly and include descriptions to help you find what you're looking for.

7. Authorama

Free Books at Authorama
Authorama features free books from a wide range of authors. All of the books on this site are public domain and are formatted in XHTML, which means that text style and illustrations have been preserved. Currently more than 100 free books are available, with new books added on a regular basis.

9. The Literature Network

Free Books from The Literature Network
The Literature Network features thousands of free short stories, books and poems that you may begin reading immediately. The site also includes quizzes, author biographies and user comments.

11. Bartleby

Free Books at Bartleby
Bartleby is one of those sites you'll want to bookmark as soon as you discover it. This Internet publisher features a huge collection of free books to read on your computer. Offerings include fiction, nonfiction, poetry and reference works.


Free Books at
Although this website isn't that pretty, it's a good place to read books online for free. The site has over 1,000 books by different authors. Offerings include the best of British, Irish and American literature.


Free Books from has a good selection of free classic books that may be read online in a free user-friendly interface. The site also features works by accomplished authors from around the world. Reading categories include classics, comedy, children's, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays and sci fi.

17. International Children's Digital Library

Free Books from the International Children's Digital Library
The International Children's Digital Library Foundation provides access to online free books for children around the world. Books are available in many different languages and most of them feature user-submitted activities and other content that can be used in conjunction with the books.

19. Perseus Digital Library

Free Books in the Perseus Digital Library
Perseus Digital Library of Tufts University is an evolving digital library featuring a wide range of materials and constantly updated with new content. Current works include modern English Literature, classics and science papers.


Free Books at is a great place to find free online novels. Books are split into chapters, so it's easy to remember where you left off. The site also offers poetry, plays and picture books.

2. Project Gutenberg

Free Books at Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is the original free electronic book producer. There are currently over 25,000 books in its online catalog, with 100,000 more titles available from many partners and affiliates.


Free Books at offers thousands of books that can be read online for free. All of these books are sorted by title. also has links to sites with free reference books, biographies and science books.

6. Classic Reader

Free Books from Classic Reader
Classic Reader has nearly 4,000 free classic books, poems, plays and short stories. You may read the books for free online and even add your own annotations

8. Read Print

Free Books at Read Print
Read Print is a free online library that was designed for teachers, students and readers of classic books. This well-organized site has its thousands of free books sorted by author. Other features include literature articles and a section on Shakespeare

10. LibriVox

Free Books at LibriVox
LibriVox is a unique online library catering to both listeners and readers. The site has free audio books and links to text versions to read online. Other site features include book summaries, author bios and links to further book-related content.

12. Classic Bookshelf

Free Books on the Classic Bookshelf
The Classic Bookshelf is a nice place to read classic books online because of its easy readability program. Users can open the free book of their choice and then decide how they'd like the screen to look. Things readers can customize include page color, text color, print size, margin size and font.

14. Chest of Books

Free Books in the Chest of Books
If fiction isn't your favorite thing, Chest of Books is a good place for you. This free online library features nonfiction books on a wide range of topics, including business, art, computers, finance, health, history, gardening, home improvement, science, real estate, sports and travel.

16. Biblomania

Free Books on Biblomania
Biblomania has over 2,000 poems, short stories, novels and plays to read for free online. New books are added each month. Biblomania provides study guides, literature articles and a whole range of resources for students to go along with these works.

18. Public Bookshelf

Free Books on the Public Bookshelf
Public Bookshelf will likely have something to suit you no matter your interests. This online library has classic books as well as new authors. Free book categories fantasy, history, mystery, romance, teen fiction and horror. Public Bookshelf also features a substantial collection of nonfiction.

20. DailyLit

Free Books at DailyLit
DailyLit offers a unique service for reading free books online. This site lets readers choose classic and contemporary books, then the books will be sent out in installments via RSS feed or email.

22. Page By Page Books

Free Books from Page By Page Books
Page By Page Books has hundreds of classic books that may be read online for free . Books can be searched for by author and title.

Academic Databases
Free e books are available at



PIMBS Ltd. offers research assistance on any subject which is being taught at PIMBS Ltd.  This can be accessed through a simple call in service at 391-7467 or via e mail at

The Librarian or Library assistant endeavours to find you the book within 48 hours, and internet references within 72 hours.


If there is a topic you would like to research and you would like to borrow relevant books on it (but you are unsure of the title of the book or you do not have time to come into the library) you can use the call in service at 391-7467or e-mail at and the librarian or library assistant will find the book for you.  You will be able to borrow the book for 2 weeks otherwise a 1 pound  sterling a day charge will be applied.



If you have a project or a paper which requires a particular style of referencing, a team is available to look it over for you. This is at a cost of 2 pounds sterling a page.

The Library Listing for Tertiary studies is available here 

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