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Trinidad Institute wins “Best Institute” of the Region

A Tertiary Education Institute on the mainland of Trinidad has been awarded “Best Institute” of the region and its manager “Manager of the Year.” These awards were given by the Socrates Award Committee in Oxford, U.K. to the Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd. The license to carry the title “Best Institute” is valid for five years until December 2018.

The Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd. (PIMBS Ltd.) was adjudged top in the region by the Socrates Award Committee against the following criteria:

  • academic development (accessibility of education, research activity, participation in conferences, ratio of the amount of students and professors, providing with resources and infrastructure, conformity of specialties to the requirements of the market, transparency of the work, security of the students, competitiveness of the graduates, percentage of international students to lecturers)

  • reputation (level of presence in mass media, effectiveness of the official website, quotation awareness, promptness in response and service, membership in international associations).

The awards bestowed by the Socrates Committee confirm the achievement of the ‘peak of leadership excellence”.

In a ceremony which was held on 17th December 2013 at the Oxford Town Hall, Oxford U.K., Director Deborah Maharaj-Newling and Financial Controller Graham Newling received the award on behalf of the Institute while the Director received the award of “Manager of the Year.” The award ceremony and summit attracted two hundred and fifty one (251) participants, including Universities, Institutions, Colleges and Enterprises from fifty five (55) countries.

PIMBS Ltd is the first Caribbean Institution to win such an award and actively exports education as far as Armenia. “We are tremendously honoured to have been nominated and finally selected by the Socrates Committee. This gave us a once in a lifetime opportunity to share experiences with an international forum for institutions, universities and enterprises to expand our business.” Caribbean Airlines partially sponsored the trip to the UK.

Mrs. Maharaj-Newling delivered a speech at the world famous Oxford debating hall at the Oxford Union, Frewin Court, on “Tertiary Education as an Exportable Commodity: Changing the Classrooms of Today” and intimated that due to the influx of ipads, tablets and smart phones into the classroom, the desk size (specifically the width) would change as most of the core material is on line and students will come to a classroom to get an enhanced understanding of the topic rather than to take notes. Classroom design would change to become more facilitative for sharing ideas. Educational material, once digitized therefore would make it an export ready commodity.

“The future of the institute is now on solid ground, as the international community has recognized us, embraced us and wants to collaborate” said Newling as they look forward to a bright and prosperous 2014.

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