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PIMBS Ltd. first tertiary institute in Trinidad to achieve Accreditation from British Accreditation

PIMBS Ltd. achieves Accreditation from the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and scores the equivalent of a “gold medal” at the Olympics of Higher Education.

What a way to celebrate Independence! Just one month and two weeks after celebrating their 20th Anniversary, the Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies(PIMBS) Ltd. received the announcement that they were Accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) for Further and Higher Education as an International Centre. BAC provides the leading mark of educational quality for the sector, which is used by students, parents, agencies and beyond as a guarantee of standards.

This comes after the Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd. was recognized internationally, twice for their international standard of service and quality to their students. Being BAC accredited means that PIMBS Ltd. has been rigorously inspected and now stands amongst some of the leading and most reliable private colleges and training providers available.

PIMBS Ltd. is located in the Education City, just before UWI on Harris Street in Curepe. It houses two schools, a high school known as “Our Lady of Fatima High School: and the other a tertiary institute known as “Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies (PIMBS)Ltd.” PIMBS Ltd. is well known for its expert teaching in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Management and Environmental Science. The High School has long been dubbed “the Best Kept Secret” in East Trinidad and has earned a reputation for its teaching of the Sciences – so much so that it is also said that “it is the last stop before Med school”.

The British Accreditation Council (BAC) Accreditation was given for the tertiary institute, PIMBS Ltd. as a whole, signalling an unquestionable stamp of approval to the quality of Higher Education being offered at this Institute.

Two inspectors and a student Inspector arrived in Trinidad from the UK to do the examination of the Institute’s premises, teaching practices, processes and procedures, governance structures, finances, student welfare, student pass rates and administration.

Undeniably, the international community has affirmed three times the superior quality that PIMBS Ltd. and its staff can provide. The Business Development Director who was in charge of the Accreditation initiative said, “It is with a tremendous sense of pride and achievement that we received the announcement that we were accredited by the British Accreditation Council. This means that we can stand with other Higher Education Institutions around the world. We have confirmed that from the perspective of the Caribbean Region, from Jamaica to Trinidad and Tobago, the Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd. is the first tertiary educational institution to have achieved such a feat.”

This achievement underscores the fact that private tertiary institutions can become accredited and meet international standards. She concluded “This is like achieving a gold medal at the Olympics of Higher Education."

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