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The Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd. (PIMBS Ltd.) has been given the European Award for Best Practice 2014 in the Gold Category. This award recognizes the quality management strategies in use at the organization. The European Award for Best practices program is one of the pillars of the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) recognition programs which seek to expand the quality implementation models and programs. The award winning companies are selected by ESQR based on the results of the ESQR’s polls, consumer opinion research and market study. Special attention is paid to the quality endorsement policy of the company and positive Corporate Reputation. The selection process includes: the research of public information sources, publications, advertising campaigns, charity projects, Chambers of Commerce, Institutional/ University projects, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. The quality management system followed by the Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd. is based on ISO 9000. This system was established for its inception in 1997. An award for the institution in the Gold Category acknowledges the strength of PIMBS Ltd.’s Quality Management Systems and its application of same towards the achievement of superior customer service in the education sector

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